Flow with the Current

Yesterday was filled with miscommunication, cancelled meetings, switched times, waiting for other people, technology problems and more.  It could have been a horrible day; but it wasn’t.  With every setback, I decided to accept it and ‘go with it’ and that is the attitude that made yesterday the perfect day.
Let me explain.  If I wasn’t late for yoga, if the instructers helped me right away and if my internet connection worked when I got to my cafe afterwards, I would have never started a conversation with a lady called Bianca. As I see the day, I enjoyed a relaxing yoga class in the morning, sipped some tea at a near-by coffee shop, had an amazing conversation about life, had a pleasant day at work, enjoyed the company of a good friend AND met a woman who will let me connect and help non-profit, charitable organizations and give me the internship opportunity of my dreams.
None of this would have happened if I got upset over all the ‘problems’ that occured.  When you accept the ‘problems’ in your life and realize that this ‘problems’ are meant to be there and will lead to your perfect day, you will have a perfect day.
Try to accept life as it come, trust the wisdom of the universe and ‘go with the flow’.  The perfect days will follow.


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