As You Change, so does Your Future

Our society is very focus on the future; when we are in elementary school we are asked, “What do you want to be when you’re older?” and when we are older we are asked, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”  Even when you are about to retire, people need to know what you are going to do when you retire, what activities will you start, where will you live, where and if you will you travel, etc. etc. etc.

Yup, that would have been me.

We always want to see what is next but the fact if the matter is, we will never know.  Never!  Each day we live, we learn something new, we gain new perspective and we change.   We are not identical to who we were yesterday- we have changed.

Thus, if we change   (just a little) every day, how can we decide where we will be in ten years?  We will be a very different person.

All throughout elementary school, I was determined to be a teacher.  There was no doubt in my mind; it was the only career for me but come high school, we mind changed and eventually, it was the last job I wanted!  I think back at all the hours I spent researching the degrees I would need, the requirements for each course and the different universities I could go to, I have no choice but to laugh.  What a waste of my life!  Not an entire waste because doing so allows me now to take life day by day, while still planning for the future.

Confused?  How can I live life day-to-day, but still plan for the future?  The key is to keep your mind and your options open, and to never obsess over a perceived future because, it may not happen.

If you are open to live and all its possibilities, the result will be so much more extraordinary than you would have imagined, analyzed and prepared for.  Also, think about the time you will save!

“Always remember that the future comes one day at a time.”

-Dean Acheson


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