Change Ahead, No Detours

“Change is the only constant. Hanging on is the only sin.”

-Denise McCluggage

Change is inevitable.  No scientific advancement or mind-over-matter technique will ever change it; we know this, yet we still cling desperately to our past (or dream about a preferred future).  And where does this clinging get us?  It brings us to a mental state of constant business and obsession. It brings us to a place where we dream about the past and do not live in the present.

The present is all we have, yesterday is finished and tomorrow will never come.  In order to live in the present, we must accept change.  We must accept the changes in life with grace and presence, not wishing for the past or waiting for the future, but fully living and appreciating the present.

Have you ever noticed how Buddhist monks, take the Dalai Lama for example, are always so peacefully happy?  I have, and I have also done some research to find the culprit: mindfulness.  It is the art of living in the present and appreciating the beauty revealed in every moment.  A simple thing for such great happiness.   Would you rather be upset obsessing, analyzing and dreaming about the past or would you rather be happy accepting change and appreciating the present?  The choice is yours.

It is difficult to make the switch from past to present.  There are a few tips I’ve found over the years:

  1. Focus on your breathing. Try to focus on your breathing completely and think about the past- it can’t be done!  It is a useful tip whenever your mind starts to drift into the danger zone.
  2. Be aware of what’s around you. When you aware of where you are, you begin to accept change and if nothing else, you aren’t pretend your somewhere else.
  3. Learn to accept inevitable changes, before they happen.  Accept that one day your favourite outfit will tatter, and one day your loved ones will die. These can be difficult things to accept, but they are inevitable.  No fabric can last forever, and nor can any human.  Accepting these changes now allows you to later move on, instead of holding on.
  4. Accept change is always good.  Personally, this helps me tremendously.  My father used to tell me, “Whatever is bad, is good.”  Whatever bad changes happen in your life, are good because you get the opportunity to grow (and change) as a person.  We become better, kinder, more patient people.

Change Ahead No Detours.

Accept change as it comes and you will learn to enjoy the beauty in the present moment.  And if the present ever hold too much pain, just breath and it will soon change.


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