Silence of the Heart

Consciousness is not a thing.

You cannot describe it. It is not the opposite of the world.

And it is not an object,

and there is no seer to see it.

Consciousness is another word for being.

Being what?

Being no thing.

Everything is Consciousness

Everything is Consciousness, everything.

When you ask what is consciousness, there is no valid answer.

Consciousness is ultimate oneness,

pure intelligence.

Consciousness is all of those things.

But what are those things?

They are just words.

Sometimes I say that consciousness is Love,

Bliss, Sat-Chit-Ananda,Knowledge, Being, Existence.

Those are just words. And you get a good feeling from the words,

but that feeling does not last too long, for you have not digested the words.

You have not become a living embodiment of Consciousness.

You are an asset to the human race.

An asset to yourself, an asset to God.

You are a wonderful person just the way you are.

Just the way you are!

Do not judge by appearances.

Do not even judge yourself.

You are a beautiful person JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.

When I say just the way you are, I am referring to your real Self, Consciousness.

You are beautiful just the way you are.

Not what you think you are.

Not what you appear to be.

Not what the world shows you,

but just the way you are right now.

Stand up tall.

Don’t be afraid any longer.

There is nothing that can hurt you, — [by you it is meant your true self].

There is nothing in this world that can actually do anything to you.


You are the substratum of all existence.

Everything is an image on CONSCIOUSNESS.

The whole Universe,

all the planets,

all the galaxies,

are all images on CONSCIOUSNESS.


Know yourself and be free!

There is only one way to bring peace to the world.

There is only one way to bring peace to yourself.

There is only one way to overcome problems.

There is only one way to find yourself.

And that way is to realize that every-thing is Consciousness.

What do I mean by that?

Take everything in this room.

The glass,

the lamps,

the chairs,

the couch,

the rug,

the light,

and your body.

They are not real.

They are Consciousness.

I am not saying that Consciousness has produced these things.

I am not saying that first there is Consciousness,

and that these things came out of Consciousness.

On the contrary.

I am saying everything that appears to arise,

that you hear with your ears,

that you taste with your mouth,

that you feel with your hands,

is Consciousness.

There is a substratum of existence called Consciousness.

Another name for this Consciousness is Bliss.

It is all-pervading.

As you begin to merge with it,

it becomes you.

It is your real nature.

It is self contained.

The world,

the Universe,

did not come out of it.

I will repeat that.

There are teachings that tell you

that the world is a modification of Consciousness,

and we to return to Consciousness.

There is nothing to return to.

Consciousness is pure Awareness.

It is aware of itself as Absolute Reality.

The world is like a reflection in the mirror.

Where did the reflection come from?

From nowhere, because it doesn’t really exist.

You cannot try to grab the image in the mirror,

for you grab the mirror.

When you awaken, you understand that you are the mirror.

And the reflection of the world is like the water in the mirage,

like the snake in the rope,

like the sky is blue.

Why does this happen?

It doesn’t.

It appears to happen.

Why does it appear to happen?

It doesn’t.

The appearance appears to happen.

Why does the appearance appear to happen?

It doesn’t.

It appears to appear to appear to happen.

And we can go on like this all night.

It is difficult for the human mind to grasp that you are not what you appear to be.

This is exactly what we have to do.

It is not what it appears to be.

It is not duality.

Remember what I am trying to convey.

There is not Consciousness in the world.

There is only Consciousness,

and you are That.

A paradox.

A contradiction.

You are the paradox.

You are the contradiction.

You are not what you appear to be.

You are not what you see.

No thing in this world, in this Universe, is at it appears to be.

Excerpts of Robert Adams, from Silence of the Heart.

Silence of the Heart • Everything is consciousness


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