How the Soul through the Senses Finds God in all Creatures

O Love, divine Love, why do you lay siege to me?

In a frenzy of love for me, you find no rest.


From the five sides you moves against me,

Hearing, sight, taste, touch and scent.

To come out is to be caught; I cannot hde from you.


If I come through sight I see Love,

Painted in every form and colour,

Inviting me to come to you, to dwell in you.


If I leave through the door of hearing,

What I hear points only to you, Lord;

I cannot escape Love through this gate.


If I come out through taste, ever flavor proclaims:

Love, divine Love, hungering Love!

You have caught me on your hook, for you want to reign in me.”


If I leave through the door of scent

I sense you in all creation; you have caught me

And wounded me through that fragrance


If I come out through the sense of tough

I find your lineaments in every creature;

To try to flee from you is madness.


Love, I flee from you, afraid to give you my heart:

I see that you make me one with you,

I cease to be me and can no longer fid myself.


If I see evil in a man or defect or temptation,

You fuse me with him, and make me suffer;

O Love without limits, who is it you love>


It is you, O Crucified Christ,

Who take possession of me,

Drawing me out of the sea to the shore;


There I suffer to see you wounded heart.

Why did you endure the pain?

So that I might be healed.


Jacopone da Todi

‘Teachings of Christian Mystics’ edited by Andrew Harvey


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