Oh, how I Love You

Oh Lord, Oh Lord,

I am giddy in You love,

My joy canot be contained.

I risk madness with such joy.

People stare.

I take no mind.

They do not understand

the glory,

the blissfully joy

of Your Love.

So I open my heart.

My body and mind to You,

Deeper and deeper.

Knowing that each moment

I am One with You and Your joy

Others may partake.

Maybe just a glimpse,

But that is all that is necessary.

In my presence,

It is You

who flow through my heart,

Speaks through my words,

Inspires through all actions,

Relieves in a touch,

Uplifts in a simple smile,

Enlightens with a glance.

Oh, how little I do.

Yet so much

when I allow You

Complete Control.

How could do anything

But Surrender

How could I live without You

-Without all that is

What a life of suffering, indeed.

Indeed, You are my joy

My Life,

My guide,

And me, as I am you.

How could I live without that which is

Always there

Speaking to me

Wanting me

Inviting me

to see You

Oh how all you creations speak of You!

So kindly do they speak of you,

With such love.

They want proclaim hatred

But oh, how their heart show

Their true feelings.

Their heart adores You.

Longs so strongly for You-

That which is always present.

Yet the heart,

and You,

Remains Ignored.

-Nicole Ashlee


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