The Path of Pain

A man one thought that God drew some men even by pleasant paths while other were drawn by the path of pain.

Our Lord answered him thus, “ What think ye can be pleasanter or nobler than to be made most like unto me? that is by suffering.  Mark, to whom was ever offered such a troubled life as to me?  And in whom can I better work in accordance with my true nobility than in those who are most like me?  They are the men that who suffer… Learnt that my divine nature never worked so nobly in human nature as by suffering; and because suffering is so effective, it is sent out of great love.

I understand the weakness of human nature at times, and out of love and righteousness I lay no heavier load on a man than he can bear.  The crown must be firmly pressed down that is to bud and blossom in the Eternal Presence of my Heavenly Father.  He who desires to be wholly immersed in the fathomless sea of my Godhead must also be deeply immersed in the deep sea of bitter sorrow.

I am exalted far above all things, and work supernaturally and wonderful works in myself:  The deeper and more supernaturally a man crushes himself beneath all things, the more supernaturally will he be drawn far above all things.”


Johann Tauler

“Teachings of Christian Mystics’ edited by Andrew Harvey


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